“No individual can win a game by himself.” – Pele

I admit it: I’m a late comer. Only recently did I get hooked on Ted Lasso, after a free trial of Apple TV gave me access to the series. Now I’m trying to catch up on the wildly popular show that’s won so many awards.

While I’m still watching the second season, I’ve been struck by the introduction of sports psychologist Dr. Sharon Fieldstone and her effect on members of the team.

The show doesn’t shy away from vulnerability, which is acknowledged in both word and action.Another constant thread is people caring about each other, often coming to each other’s rescue, sometimes with brutal candor and often with a dose of quirky humor that makes us love the characters even as we recognize ourselves in their struggles and failures. In the end, it helps to recognize that we all have vulnerabilities, even the psych professionals who help us.

In essence, Ted Lasso is an American expat in London. There is an inherent vulnerability in being somewhere new, an unavoidable inexperience that even the most capable executive must overcome by spending some time in the new location. A mixture of openness and resilience is required.

Mental health is so important in this journey. Someone who employed emotional wellness practices at home may find those supports are unavailable or don’t work quite as well in the host location. Finding ways to channel stress and deal with other issues while abroad is a must. Knowing where to go for help, locating someone who speaks your language and whom you can trust to understand the cultural undercurrents that influence your feelings, perceptions, and behavior – these are critical to a healthy, productive life.

You’ve heard from us and others, many times, about the importance of mental health. We continue to add content at a country level and across our products to make sure your globally mobile workforce can be informed, prepared, and more comfortable during their travel abroad.


Written by Ellen Harris, GMS – Product Manager, Content Group