Let’s Celebrate!

I believe in celebrations. Life’s too short, and we must celebrate. We honor birthdays, weddings, and holidays, to name a few. These occasions connect us with others, and we feel emotions that give our lives value. Living Abroad has officially reached 35 wonderful years in the global mobility industry, and we are celebrating! While attending the WERC GWS2022 conference in Las Vegas and the FEM EMEA Conference in London, we were heartened to see so many past industry friends. Even more surprising was all the wonderful new faces that attended this year. It was in fact, a celebration of sorts.

I thought it would be interesting to see what events happened in the world thirty-five years ago. Here are a few:

  1. The world’s population reached approximately five billion.
  2. Britain’s Order of the Garter was opened to women. The Order of the Garter is considered the most exclusive and prestigious level of knighthood in England. It originated with King Edward III in 1348.
  3. United States President Ronald Reagan delivered his famous speech at the Berlin Wall in West Berlin on June 12th. The speech came at the height of the Cold War and was a rallying cry for the unification of Berlin.
  4. Soul singer Aretha Franklin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in January of 1987. The R&B powerhouse was the first female artist to be included in the Hall of Fame, which had begun during the previous year.
  5. Mathias Rust, a West German citizen, flew a small Cessna airplane into Moscow, landing in Red Square. The stunt humiliated the Soviet defense ministry as it highlighted flaws in their massive system.

Thirty-five years ago, Living Abroad started with 87 destination reports, which has now grown to over 235 destination reports and is now called the International Relocation Center. Two other services launched over the years: the Global Business Travel Center, and the Culture Coach Online.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to quality, accuracy, and timeliness. We are here to support all employees and their families who move abroad, as well as international business travelers.

We hear time and time again how global mobility managers and relocation counselors are being asked questions on specific destinations and they must hunt for the answers. That’s where we come in. By being an integral part of the relocation journey, we are able to celebrate 35 years in the global mobility industry!