Knowledge is Power

Are you managing your company’s global mobility program and the many moving parts required for successful international relocations and business travel?  Busy global mobility professionals know that it’s easy for small details to pass unnoticed until the problematic ones cause the process to stop running smoothly.

One of the key areas of support for an international relocation is pre-departure information and in-country guidance.  Another is cultural understanding.  Help your assignees become familiar with their new locations by providing detailed descriptions of housing, schools, language needs, finances, and more – plus business and social cultural awareness.  They’ll be relieved to have knowledge of their new destinations before they go, as they settle in, and while they do business.

How does providing country-specific information and cultural learning to your assignees and business travelers benefit your company?

  • Raises assignee and family confidence levels
  • Protects your company’s talent investment
  • Eliminates questions to HR with comprehensive destination reports and help desk
  • Guides assignees through home set-up and business protocol adaptation in new locations
  • Helps users develop cultural agility
  • Increases their success in global environments

Prepared assignees are happy and productive, so equip your assignees and business travelers today for success!
Written by Cathy Heyne, GMS-T – Managing Director, Living Abroad