Keep Yourself Informed

When Global Mobility was in its infancy, corporate travelers abroad often relied on foreign newspapers in their host countries. Searching for publications in their language – sometimes a day old or more – was the best way to keep up with world news in a lot of places.

How media has evolved! To access current news now, you need look no further than the small device in the palm of your hand. Less official sources also fill in the blanks for media consumers, with YouTube channels and one-off posts, as well as aggregators who combine journalism with games, recipes, trends, celebrity stories, and other content.

When changeable situations make current, reliable news a necessity, assignees and travelers need to know where to turn. Here are a few sources:

– Traditional global news outlets like News Corp, Daily Mail and Trust, or New York Times deliver coverage on a broad range of subject matter, whether in print, digital, televised, or streaming.

– Regional news sources focus on topics pertinent to a certain population and are useful for staying abreast of local happenings.

– Tech companies like Alphabet/Google, Meta/Facebook and Apple now represent a large presence in the news space. With a social media foundation, these organizations open the field to unlimited views – which often means that consumers become their own curators and sometimes leads censoring governments to block them.

– Radio is popular in peaceful times and powerful in crisis. Over-air broadcasts, digital and streaming services inform, entertain, and provoke thought with an enormous variety of content. BBC World Service and Voice of America (VOA) reach audiences around the world and serve populations under stress in wartime.

While not a media source, your home country’s embassy or consulate in the host location is a key source of information and advice. Register your presence upon arrival so that your contact information can be used to reach you with alerts.

Also, take full advantage of your Living Abroad International Relocation Center (IRC) subscription to support those affected by events in Ukraine and Russia. Companies are moving people out of both countries and Ukraine-based personnel, especially, need information on the spot. This includes details about evacuation countries like Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, and any number of final target destinations farther afield.

Even with enormous humanitarian efforts and aid rendered to those in need, the volatile situation can cause frequent changes to cross-border processes and required documentation. Always consult your immigration expert for the best advice and swiftest possible results.

Staying informed can keep you safe and make you more effective, wherever you happen to be.


Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Group