Including Diversity in Your 2021 Plans

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have become increasingly important topics in our industry. They are important to corporations that want to make a safe, supportive workplace available to all employees, while ensuring that they attract and retain talent from a diverse population. And they’re important to individuals who look for an inclusive professional experience, opportunities for advancement, and an appreciation for diverse ideas and skills.

Some companies have implemented D&I initiatives, others have developed longer-term strategies. Still others are just starting to consider what a thoughtful, effective policy might look like, and are looking for resources to help them clarify what it might encompass. Seen through the lens of Global Mobility, the considerations take on even more layers and require global knowledge.

Fortunately, there are resources — organizations who have made it their mission to advance the equal rights of all human beings, and in the process have amassed a knowledge base and expertise that helps others along that journey.

One such resource is Stonewall Global Workforce Briefings. Covering 37 countries, they outline a country’s legal, socio-cultural, and workplace situation for LGBT individuals; offer employers advice on creating inclusive workplaces; and highlight best practices from Stonewall’s global membership program.

These briefings explain the legal landscape with regard to immigration, gender identity, equality and employment, family and same-sex relationships, and freedom of expression. They also discuss everyday life, the workplace, healthcare, and local LGBT groups and advocacy.

Equally valuable are the tips from Stonewall’s Global Diversity Champions, companies that are committed to an inclusive workplace and benefit from the shared tools and expertise.

Living Abroad’s clients can access this and other LGBTQ+ information in both our Global section and individual country reports. As evidenced by the lively and fascinating discussions at ERC’s virtual 2020 Workforce Symposium, we are all learning and evolving our workplaces and programs toward the goal of better diversity and inclusion across the global mobility space.

Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Group