How can you find reliable medications when traveling and living internationally?

While traveling, safe and reliable medications can be difficult to find.  Expatriate Prescription Services (EPS) is a solution that provides a unique and high quality prescription concierge service, ensuring that expatriates always have access to high quality medications, delivered from countries with the most stringent prescription medication regulations.

EPS is an international prescription concierge for expatriates. High drug costs, exorbitant shipping fees, and customs delays make obtaining needed medications difficult and often inconvenient. These difficulties cause many expatriates to be non-compliant with their prescribed medication regimen and thereby risk poor health and increased medical plan costs for themselves and their employer.

Expatriate Prescription Services is designed to provide expatriates convenient access to high quality, low cost prescription drugs using an efficient and reliable delivery system to over 160 countries worldwide.


This is a value-added service that can be added to an existing health plan. EPS provides overall plan savings up to 30% on medications by utilizing international pharmacies in developed countries with the highest standards.


Our prescription concierge experts are well trained and dedicated to providing accurate and helpful information to our members. The EPS Staff offers each program participant their commitment to providing one-on-one personal attention and superior customer service.


EPS has access to a wide variety of maintenance, specialty and refrigerated medications at competitive prices.  Medications are safely delivered directly to the customer’s door.  An EPS representative will provide tracking information and track the delivery up until it reaches the customer’s hands.

The Customer Experience:

“I want to thank you SO much for all the help you provided me in getting a medication shipped to one of our Members in New Zealand.  The Member tried to get this medication prior to leaving the US from a Specialty Pharmacy, but they were unable to get it out to her in time for her departure. This Member had to leave the country without her medication. It was up to me to get this medication expedited.

This was the absolute BEST Customer Service I have ever received in all my years of working…If it weren’t for EPS and your sense of urgency in this matter, we would have a Member away on vacation without her medication that is detrimental to her health.  It turned out to be such a positive experience that I will continue to brag about Expatriate Prescription Service in years to come.”

–        EPS Client Health Plan Administrator

I have been so pleased. Your company has been great, so efficient in all manners. Plus, everyone is so helpful…You don’t see that very much in companies anymore. Thanks again for your quick response.”

–         EPS Member

If you are interested in providing EPS services for your employees, please visit our website at to contact our sales team for a customized proposal that best fits your organization’s needs.