Are You Game for Global Mobility?

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A few weeks ago, while researching a new U.S. destination, I came across a fun online game from the U.S. Census Bureau. Now, “fun” and “census” may sound like opposite ends of a magnet, but Population Bracketology, which came out around the time of March Madness 2016, really is a fun way to test your knowledge of U.S. city populations.
It is set up like a tournament bracket, where players select the larger city in each pair. You can choose metro areas or states.
It got me thinking about what other entertaining ways there may be to exercise our knowledge of topics further afield, and to test what we learn through our roles in global mobility.
So, if you need a diversion or an excuse to do something different for a few minutes over a cup of coffee, here are some more games and quizzes you may enjoy:
This quick quiz of 25 questions provides plenty of visuals – in fact a few of the questions ask you to identify a picture. Some of the answers can be found on the IRC website!
This is a pure test of memory, as you try to name as many countries as quickly as possible.
If you want something to share with your kids, Europa’s site offers games around EU topics like country flags, banknotes, history, language, and more.
Fill in this blank map by identifying the location of each capital city presented in this timed game.
Questions in this trivia game are answered by pin-pointing a geographical place, starting with the player’s country location and then expanding.
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