Family Care for Successful Assignments 

Does your company offer family support for international relocations? An increasing number do, but many employees still report that it falls short. At the same time, every Global Mobility manager recognizes the importance of family assimilation for a successful assignment.

Living Abroad
helps inform and prepare the family, and our International Relocation Center’s ease of access can bridge gaps in corporate support programs.

Entry requirements for your partner, including non-married and same-sex couples. Documentation can differ depending on marital status. Know what you’ll need to enter and reside in the host country.

Likewise, knowing whether a partner can work is critical to planning the move, perhaps even prompting the partner to remain at home. Do they need employment secured before arriving? Can they legally search for work once moved in? Does the country offer a Digital Nomad visa that facilitates remote work?

If you have children, do you know how to look for schools, and the different types available in the host country? Early research is key, especially for families aiming to place multiple children, as many schools have waiting lists.

Families with very young children face different decisions. Will one parent stay home, or will they need childcare? What are the local options, with considerations for language and culture? Again, there may be waitlists at daycare centers, or a nanny may need to be found and vetted, so early action is advised.

What about pets? Often a pet is considered a family member, and the relocating family prefers to take the animal on assignment. What are the entry requirements? Is a vet appointment necessary before travel, to update vaccinations or gather records? A pet’s calming effect on human companions can make presence an enormous comfort – especially to children — in an unfamiliar place. But will the local conditions and family lifestyle abroad be conducive to the pet’s health and wellbeing?

Family life often includes an elderly parent. An international relocation upends the normal routines and in-person support systems. Thoughtful preparation is required to ensure the parent’s care and safety, as well as the family’s peace of mind.

All these topics – and more – are discussed in our newly refreshed Family Center, which also highlights country-specific coverage of this important information for a sample set of countries. And of course, our full complement of destination reports cover family matters in detail.

Assignee families need easily accessible information at various stages of the relocation journey. We are dedicated to delivering content and resources that keep pace with this critical piece of assignment success.

Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Group