Connecting in Hong Kong, communicating in Canada, transporting in Lagos

If you are reading this in Hong Kong right now, you may be using one of the city’s many Wi-Fi options. Connect to “GovWiFi” in major parks, visitor centers, public libraries, sports and cultural/recreational centers, and government buildings. In addition, Hong Kong’s mass transit system, MTR, now provides up to five 15-minute sessions of free Wi-Fi access per device daily. More free Wi-Fi access is provided by Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) and Y5ZONE, as well as csl Wi-Fi.

All these Wi-Fi options around Hong Kong help residents and visitors work and communicate on the go.

Speaking of communicating, citizens of every nation are using more technology and less paper. In fact, Canada Post was headed toward operating losses of $1 billion per year before a five-point plan was developed to better serve Canada’s 15.7 million addresses. Now they’re changing the way mail is delivered to about a third of Canadians, installing Community Mailboxes rather than delivering house to house.

Other changes include tiered postage pricing, new retail franchises, and streamlined operations that aim to save money while still meeting today’s customer needs. With completion expected by 2019, it will be interesting to watch the evolution of the postal service in this vast country.

Of course, the postal service isn’t the only way to deliver things. Would it surprise you to know that in Lagos, Nigeria, a taxi company offers parcel delivery? Tranzit allows people in Lagos to hire a taxi from its pool of licensed drivers, book a car and driver for several hours, or – yes – even deliver packages, documents, and other items. Services are arranged via phone, web, or Android app. Easy Taxi also offers taxi service in Lagos, and offers apps for iOS and Windows as well as Android. Taxi arrival can be tracked, and driver photos are provided.

It’s knowing details like where to access Wi-Fi in Hong Kong, how to pick up your mail in Canada, and how to get yourself around Lagos that makes living abroad easier.

By Ellen Harris, GMS, International Product Director, Living Abroad