Cheers to 2022!

‘Twas the fright before Christmas that COVID would spawn
with a virulent variant, that darn omicron.

The tunnel had brightened. We all saw the light
at the end that surely meant an end to our plight.

We were traveling again, in the skies, on the seas,
in our cars and on trains or however we please.

Some moves had resumed, and some business travel.
How dare COVID take our plans and unravel?

Well anyone familiar with a certain Mr. Grinch
knows the Whos who refused to give Humbug an inch.

Our industry, also, is tough and resilient.
We’re optimistic, joyful, and many are brilliant!

We’ve HAD to be smart, helpful, hard-working,
and flexible to deal with a virus so irking.

So we puzzle and solve, and we puzzle some more,
And we keep on adapting until we are sure

That we can deal with anything that’s thrown our way.
Global Mobility is changing, but it IS here to stay.

Whatever the holidays look like for you –
whether you’re with a crowd or only a few –

Within your neighborhood or on distant shores,
The warmest of wishes to you and yours!

Happy New Year from Living Abroad!

Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Group