Check These Out!

When you pursue a career path that takes you abroad – or if you support employees who do – you need a wide range of resources. Reliability, speed, and ease of access guide your search for answers. While some aspects of global travel require deep topic immersion (think cultural training) or a multi-step process (think compiling entry documents), other needs can be met by quick referral to a clear and easy source.

We’ve assembled some of the latter here. Use these helpful references and converters to ease the details and transitions of your travels.

Need to orient yourself to the time zone abroad?
See time zones across the world or view specific times across locations – handy for setting up a call or meeting.

Want to make sure you don’t schedule that call or meeting on a foreign holiday?
Take a look at upcoming holidays in any country to plan appointments that work for everyone.

Is it safe to travel?
Before booking travel, consult travel advisories to make informed choices. Current information is available from government agencies in Australia, Canada, the U.K., the U.S., and others.

What’s the COVID situation?
Are your destination country’s borders open? Do you need a COVID test before entry? Will your vaccine status matter? Get COVID guidance at a glance.

Do you have the currency you need?
Check the currency and exchange rate where you’re going so you can plan for your initial needs and expenses.

Will you need adaptors or transformers?
Find out if your devices and electronics are compatible with your destination’s electrical standard.

Are you trying to decipher a foreign language?
You may receive emails or other communications that are not in your first language. Translate text, documents, or websites with online tools.Make relocation or business travel easier when you need answers to these topics, and others.

Every resource above is among the thousands of links, listings, and tools offered in our International Relocation Center (IRC). Some are compiled together in a Global section where they’re useful across a range of locations. Others are presented as country-specific links in destination reports, giving you direct access to the particulars of your destination.

Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Group