Living in the UK and London

If you are considering relocating to England, you should be aware that it is a country of many contrasts. Visiting as a tourist will not necessarily prepare you for living in a small town in the country or in a London suburb. Visitors are often surprised by the changes in lifestyle and local accents that exist in areas that are just a short driving distance from the city.

Written for Mobility magazine by Anne Dean, GMS, Director of Editorial Services, Living Abroad and Mima Hillier.

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Are you caught up in the hectic pace of life in London?

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), British Author, was quoted as saying, “When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” What might Dr. Johnson say of London today? London still holds all that life can afford, but what might have changed the most is the pace of that life.

Written for ACS International Schools Summer 2009 newsletter by Anne Dean, GMS, Director of Editorial Services, Living Abroad.

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Living abroad during a global economic recession

In a down economy, what is the right way to send people on assignment? Is it by shortening assignments, sending single status employees, job sharing/rotation, extended business travel or localization? See what professionals in the industry think about this topic.

Written for ACS International Schools Spring 2009 newsletter by Michael Cadden, MBA, SGMS, Managing Director, International Operations, Living Abroad.

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Does your company have an evacuation plan in place?

In turbulent times, being prepared for an overseas assignment involves more than just finding housing or an international school. This article speaks to the need for policies that should be in place to evacuate employees, students, and tourists, during political uprisings, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, or any such disaster.  Unfortunately, research shows that most of the time such plans are reactive rather than proactive.

Written for ACS International Schools Spring 2011 newsletter by Anne Dean, GMS, Director of Editorial Services, Living Abroad.

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Cultural differences English speakers

Doing business abroad is not as easy as one might think. Just because there are so many countries that share the English language, there are vast differences in their culture! The author discusses similarities and differences around the world.

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Sign language, hand gestures and body language, is universally used and universally misunderstood. This article gives some advice about those things when traveling abroad!

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