Business traveler, we’ve got your back!

When you hit the road or take to the skies for a business trip abroad, you’ve got a lot on your mind. Even before you leave home, you need to plan the logistics of travel and assemble documents required for entry. While the business purpose of your visit dominates your focus, you’re also aware that culture and protocols may differ from home. Knowing them can set you at ease and accelerate your business goals. Finally, there are aspects of daily life that affect your experience in very practical ways, such as weather, money, national holidays, and taxes on restaurant meals.
How would you like some help with all of that?

Living Abroad’s Global Business Travel Center delivers all this and more. Take a look at Canada, for example:

– Right at the top, you’ll find links to 2019 Canadian holiday dates, weather forecasts, currency calculator, and news. A real-time clock lets you know at a glance what time it is at your destination.

– Descriptions and links to major international airports and details on ground transportation help you plan your travel.

– Find out what entry procedures you need to follow, keeping in mind that business travel is scrutinized at the Canadian border, necessitating proper documentation and support information.

-Learn what languages are used in business, and access translators’ listings and government language resources.

– Familiarize yourself with important aspects of doing business in Canada, like hierarchy, relationships, how meetings are conducted, whether to give a gift, and general style concepts.

-Know what to expect in restaurants, from the excellent beef in Calgary and seafood in the Maritimes to the provincial or harmonized sales tax that can add five to 15% to the cost of your meal.

Access nearly 150 destination reports from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer with your company’s subscription. And watch your next business trip really take flight.