This new service from Living Abroad is a cloud-based mobility portal that allows administrators to consolidate information, links and forms for use by their assignees and families.

Kia Baptist, Manager, Global Employee Services, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc., Houston, Texas

“I think having the information out there and available 24/7…regardless where you are in the world, really makes a difference!”


  • Save employees time searching for documents

  • Direct users to links you WANT them to see

  • Apply variable policy access levels

  • Enjoy cost saving


  • Easy to add and remove links

  • Oriented by destination (policies, information, tools and resources)

  • Displays your Company Logo and your:

    • HR Policies
    • Relocation & Service Provider Contacts
    • Assignee Forms
    • Living Abroad Destinations
    • Tools such as Culture Compass and OurWorldConnect